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Winston was one of the local townspeople in the British village of Lower Uncton, England who appears in the three episode story titled "The England Show". The part of Winston is played in the episodes by veteran British comedy actor/TV personality Bill Oddie.


The villagers of Lower Uncton grow tired of the curse of no sunlight which was inflicted on their home by a witch named Poxilda in 1630 in response to an insult hurled on her by a shoemaker named Seamus McBundy, who happens to be an ancestor of Al's who lived at that time, Winston and several other townspeople, as well as a few officials of the neighboring community, Upper Uncton ,concoct a plot rid their area of "The Bundy Curse" by luring the Bundys to the area in order to kill off the last two remaining Bundys, which happen to be Al and Bud! When Al defeats another local named Igor in a forced "joust", Winston, echoing the anger of the other local people after realizing that the main attraction, which was the "curse" of Lower Uncton's perpetual darkness, was lifted after Al beat Igor, gets angry and says "Hell, let's kill the who lot of 'em!"

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