The Whopper Sandwich (often referred to simply as the Whopper) is the signature hamburger for the international fast food chain Burger King (Hungry Jack in Australia), which boasts in its slogan that it is "the Home of the Whopper".

It was created in to compete against other fast food chains, believing that the size of the burger will attract more people.

Al and the rest of the family has made various references to the Whopper and eating at Burger King during various episodes:

In season 2's The Great Escape, after Peggy confronts Kelly about going to a concert instead of studying for a math test, Kelly says "Oh come on, I'm mean, when am I ever going to need to know math?" and Bud tells her "Well, you may need it for your career... you know, '3 Whoppers, large fries and a Coke' ".

In season 3's The Dateless Amigo, Al boasted that he'll be "at Burger King sucking down the Whoppers at my own private table" when the family didn't join him in a Whoa Bundy! after he showed off his invention, "Bundy Shoe Lights".

In season 8's Get Outta Dodge, Bud take his date, Lisa, home and refers to the Bundy house as "casa de Bun-day, otherwise known as 'Home of the Whopper'"

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