Tom LaGrua as Weasel

Tom LaGrua as Weasel in the episode "Luck of the Bundys" in Season 8 of MWC.

Weasel is a character who appears in the Season 8 episode of Married... with Children titled "Luck of the Bundys". The part of Weasel is played by Tom LaGrua.

About WeaselEdit

When Al and Jefferson engage in a poker game with some ex-con accquaintances of Jefferson, Weasel, Sal (Lee Arenberg) and Louie (J.J. Johnston), Jefferson tells Marcie, who suspects that he's gambling, that he and the others are engaging in an "enviornmental sensitivity meeting". Weasel, who he introduces to Marcy as Dr. William Sullivan, even goes to pretend that he is lecturing the guys on "the plight of the spotted owl" by starting, "Tonight our focus is on Oregon. Where the logging industry keeps raping the old-growth forest which the endangered spotted owl depends on for sanctuary!"

Jefferson, who's quite impressed with Weasel's knowledge of the owl's plight, asks him " How'd you know all that about the spotted owl?" Weasel, who like his buddies Sal and Louie, apparently may have organzied crime ties, explains "Well, we bury a lot of our guys in the northwest!"

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