Marcy, holding Al's hammer, and the rest of W.O.M.B.

W.O.M.B. (Women Owe Men Bupkiss) is a feminist organization (one of a number) founded by Marcy D'Arcy during the dream arc.

They make their one and only appearance in the season 6 episode, If Al Had a Hammer.


After Al built his garage/private room to get away from Peggy and the soon-to-be-born baby, Jefferson asked him if he could move in to get away from a pregnant Marcy. Al, although reluctant, lets him move in, under the condition that he doesn't let anyone else know. But Jefferson went against Al's wishes and threw a welcome party with some of their other guy friends.

However when the other guys told their wives about the room, Marcy and her pregnant women's group took over Al's garage/private room on the grounds that as women they can do anything they want and take whatever they want from men just because they are women. However, the last straw came when Marcy declares that Al's sacred bathroom will now be used by her group whenever they feel emotional. Enraged, Al destroyed the room, making sure no woman would use it for evil. As all the Pregnant wives rushed out of the room, Marcy was the only one who was mad and even kick Jefferson.


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