Vito Capone, a local mobster and loan shark to whom Bud, in attempting to shoot an exercise video, becomes indebted in the episodes of MWC: titled "The Hood, the Bud, and the Kelly: Part 1" and "The Hood, the Bud, and the Kelly: Part 2". The part of Vito is played in the episode by Perry Anzilotti.

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When Bud, who's seeking money to make a sexy exercise video in which Bundy is also to appear, gets turned down by practically every bank in town, he sees Vito (no relation to Al, as he says in his TV commercial), who owns a loan company called Moneyland on a TV commercial. In the ad, Vito says "If you're a worthless bum who's been turned down by every bank then catch the bus or have your mommy drive you down to Money/and. We turn down no one... So come on by!", as he then gives Moneyland phone number "1-800-HORSEHEAD"!

After Bud goes to Vito and gets the loan accepted, all's go for the video... with only one must be completed by 5 p.m. that next afternoon and Bud has to pay the loan back with interest...or else, for Bud's sake, as Vito introduces his enforcer, Gino onto the set to make sure the video is completed!

Vito Capone threatens Bud

Mobster/loan shark Vito Capone threatens to rub out Bud, as he seeks to collect on the loan Bud received from him in order to complete an exercise video he was directing.

In the end, Vito's extortion plan foiled when three of the girls in the video along with Kelly and Latino stud Rafael turn out to be Chicago police detectives!

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