Vanessa Van Pelt is a character who appears in the Season 6 episode of Married... with Children titled "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick". The part of Vanessa is played in the episode by former porn star and B-movie actress Traci Lords, who previously appeared as T.C., a dental office assistant, in the episode "Tooth or Consequences" in Season 4.

Al Vanessa Van Pelt and the Gem

Al, Vanessa and the priceless gem, a family heirloom.

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In the episode "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick", Al, who applies for a cleaning job to clean the office of private eye Jack Dallas (played by MWC co-executive producer Ron Leavitt), finds himself mistaken for the famed PI by Vanessa Van Pelt, a young buxum, leggy femme fatale who fears that her family members may interfere with her expected bequest of a priceless gem from her uncle, Colonel Van Pelt (John Randolph). Before that can happen, the uncle is murdered, the gem disappears... and Al is left holding the knife straight out of a Raymond Chandler murder mystery novel!

At episodes end, Vanessa, who said she was afraid that her uncle would put the priceless family heirloom in a museum, is revealed to have murdered her uncle and in possession of the priceless ring by "Shoe Dick" Al, before being taken away by the Chicago Police! As she is being taken away, and as she speculate that she "could do 20 years" for her crime, Vanessa, who really falls hard for Al, then asks him, "Will you wait for me!", he answers "What for? You'll be old!"

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