Wikia MWC - Uncle Irwin

Otto (left) & Irwin (right).

Uncle Otto & Uncle Irwin are the sons of Ephraim Wanker and Peg's Mom and Peggy Bundy's brothers, Al Bundy's brothers-in-law and uncles to Kelly and Bud Bundy.

Otto, although unquestionably a Wanker, seems the most sophisticated member of the clan, and shares a fashion sensibility with Kelly. Otto is a rather fey individual, joining in with 'the girls' rather than 'the boys' during the singalong. Irwin, on the other hand, is Bud's favorite by far, given his constant tendency to charge things with his head and destroy them. Their style and frequency of bickering suggests they may well spend too much time together.

Otto is played by James "Gypsy" Haake, and Irwin by King Kong Bundy.

Appearances Edit

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