Tuff enuff

Al dancing for tips while Tuff Enuff plays in the background

Tuff Enuff is a song performed by The Fablouous Thunderbirds.

It was first played in season 7's Al on the Rocks while Al dances at his new part time job. It is also heard in the season 7 episode Mr. Empty Pants, when Al is getting ready for his centerfold shoot and then later on in the same season in 'Til Death Do Us Part in a training montage.

This, along with Bad to the Bone, is considered Al's theme


I would walk ten miles on my hands and knees
Ain't no doubt about it, baby, it's you I aim to please
I'd wrestle with a lion and a grizzly bear
It's my life, baby, but I don't care

Ain't that tough enough
Ain't that tough enough
Ain't that tough enough
Ain't that tough enough

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