Toothpaste sandwich

Al making a toothpaste sandwich

A toothpaste sandwich is a snack Al Bundy makes in the season 3 episode, A Three Job, No Income Family. It belongs in the pseudo-foods category, along with the Tangwich.


In the episode, Al, who is starving, is sitting on the couch, with a plate on his lap and applying a green colored toothpaste to a piece of bread and then puts the top piece on.

As he's about to take a bite out of the sandwich, he then thinks back to a conversation he had when he was a young boy with his mother, who told him he could be the president of the U.S. someday.

Steve then comes in and talks about Peg earning more income than Al. He then continues about how its important for women to work, as a way to boost their self esteem and how proud he is of Marcy for being in the workforce, until realize that at least his mother used to cook when she got home from work, while Marcy just throws together frozen fish sticks and tater tots. Al then makes him realize how pathetic his life is. Steve, now depressed, then grabs the sandwich and takes a bite out of it, before realizing what's in it, which then causes Al to ask if he'd like some floss to go with it.