Tony Singletary is directed ten episodes of Married... with Children, beginning with the Season 4 episode titled "Peggy Turns 300"; his last episode which he directed was the Season 8 episode titled "Dances with Weezie".


In 1977, Tony began his career as a stage manager on the ABC-TV sitcom series What's Happening!!, then stage-managed for Good Times and The Jeffersons. He made his directorial debut on the short-lived CBS-TV sitcom series Busting Loose starring Adam Arkin. Throughout his career he amassed a number of television credits, namely The Cosby Show, Charles in Charge, One Day at a Time, Who's the Boss, Silver Spoons, Gimme a Break!, Martin, and 227 among other series.[1]

In 1998, he directed his first and only film, the comedy High Freakquency starring John Witherspoon. The last television series he directed was the Nickelodeon sitcom Just Jordan.


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