The Squabs, Roland and Mona, appeared in the second season episode of Married... with Children titled "Just Married... with Children". The part of Roland is played in the episode by Geoff Pierson, who would later go on to star in another Ron Leavitt produced series, the WB Network's Unhappily Ever After. The part of Roland's wife Mona is played in the episode by Ed O'Neill's real-life wife, actress Catherine Rusoff.

About the SquabsEdit

Roland Squab, a television repairman from Wisconsin, and his wife Mona Squab both appear on the game show "How Do I Love Thee", a game where two newlywed couples compete by physically torturing their partners for prizes, along with Al and Peg, who are trying to pretend to be Steve and Marcy. After trying a few games, Roland and Mona realize that they love each other too much to hurt one another for prizes, and are later replaced by Steve and Marcy, who are then impersonating the Bundys.

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