Sven Hungstrom with Peg

Peg is quite impressed with Al's replacement on the New Market Mallers softball tem, Sven, in "The Unnatural" in Season 4 of MWC.

Sven Hunkstrom was a character who appeared in the Season 4 MWC episode "The Unnnatural". The part of Sven is played by Dan Blom.  

About Sven on the softball teamEdit

In "The Unnatural" episode in Season 4, when Al's poor play in a game causes the team to lose, the Mallers' manager, restaurant owner Roy, informs the Bundys that just happen to have a replacement for Al, a muscle bound giant named Sven, who tells an obviously smitten Peg that he "bats 380, has a cannon for an arm and runs like children from your husband". The team decides to take a vote, with the majority (including Peg) voting Al out, leaving Bud and Kelly as the only ones who still support Al, claiming that they love him, plus Bud points out that he would kick the living crap out of them if they denied him the right to play. But the teams reminds them that need a unanimous vote, including theirs, to make it happen.

Just then, Al comes down to greet them and sees Peg clinging to Sven. The team then informs him Sven is going to be his replacement because Al stinks at softball.


  • Sven is somewhat similar to Jim Jupiter, another imposing physical specimen who does not survive his encounter with the Bundys intact.

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