Stan Mendelson (a.k.a. Captain Scooter) is a salesman at Hurricane Hole, a timeshare resort in Sweatbucket, Florida, who tries to get Al and Peg to invest in the property, in the season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "My Dinner with Anthrax".

He is played by Fred Willard.


Stan appears to be a middle-aged man who wears a leisure suit and doesn't care much for his job, but desperately wants to make a sale.

He interrupts Al and Peg's love-making time to try and get them to buy into the timeshare. As he sets up his sales pitch, he notices that Al brought his collection of Big 'Uns and tells them that he once had a letter of his published in an issue.

He then tries to convince them that the place will look amazing when construction is finally complete (in the year 3000) and shows them a display model that Al plays with. Seeing that Peg isn't in the mood for a sales pitch and wants a few minutes alone with Al for sex, since it is their 20th anniversary,  he tries to use his trump card and tells them that if they do invest, their neighbor will be former teen idol Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, who then enters the room and gives them his combs. He finally tells them it's only $6 down, but Al tells Stan that they don't have that kind of money. Stan tries to convince him that everyone has that amount of money, but Peg points out that Al's a shoe salesman. Stan's tone suddenly changes from being friendly to cold, as he tells Edd that they're leaving, and then instructs Al and Peg to be out of the room by dawn, as he takes away his model display.