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Shirley was a portly female character who appeared in two episodes of Married... with Children; first, in the pilot episode titled "Pilot" and then in "Crimes Against Obesity" in Season 11. The part of Shirley is played in the episodes by Diana Bellamy.


In the episode "Crimes Against Obesity", an offended Shirley leads a group of offended obese customers at Gary's Shoes who puts Al on a "kangaroo court" of sorts for his insults towards their weight when they come into the shoe store to shop. In the episode, Matilda recalls when she came into the store several years earlier, as the episode flashes back to the episode "Pilot" when she is with her son Arnold, who manages to knock over some shoes on the sales rack, before asking for a baloon, when Al insults her by telling him "You already have a balloon!"

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