Seamus McBundy was an ancestor of Al Bundy, who lived in the village of Lower Uncton in England. He insulted the village witch Poxilda (Helena Carroll), who cursed the village, so that no sunlight would fall on the village until someone was able to break the curse, which happened to be Al. Prior to the Bundys' visit to England, which they were able to make thanks to an invitation by the local townspeople in Lower Uncton, and its Upper Uncton neighbors, the only known way to remove the curse is to kill all his male descendants, leading to the locals' attempted murder of the Bundy men, which was the ulterior motive of the invite! Al is able to break the curse by winning a "joust", of sorts (where he's decked out in his Polk High football uniform) with a fellow named Igor, who was the great-great-great-great grandson of the village witch.

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