Sandy, a sweepstakes contest representative is a character who appears in the episode of Married... with Children titled "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick" in Season 6. the part of Sandy is played in the episode by veteran character actor David Wells.

About the ColonelEdit

In the episode "Al Bundy, Shoe Dick", a one Colonel Van Pelt, an eccentric wealthy mogul, is killed after he gathers all of his immediate relatives to reveal who would gain ownership of "The Pharoah's Eye", a family airloom and priceless gem. Al, who was applying for a job cleaning the office of P.I. Jack Dallas, was enlisted by the Colonel's niece Vanessa, who mistook him for Jack Dallas, who went to the bathroom. Anyway, when the Colonel is murdered, Al's is left holding the knife, the murder weapon, as the "Pharoah's Eye" goes missing, with he being accused for the murder of the Colonel!

Al, posing as Dallas, and playing "gum-shoe" detective, somehow is able to discover that Vanessa was the culprit in the murder of her uncle, and the theft of the Eye, Sandy, a curator from The Museum of Natural History, awards him $50,000 for solving the mystery -- but, alas, as with any Bundy good fortune -- this happens to be a mirage -- literally -- as it was all just a dream!

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