Sam, Marcy's new boyfriend, is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "One Down, Two to Go". The part of Sam is played in the episode by Stewart J. Zully.


In "One Down, Two to Go", Al, at home, answers the doorbell; it's Marcy there with her new boyfriend, Sam! As they come in, Al asks her about Kelly, who moved out of the house and into her own apartment after an argument with Al over her right to have a boyfriend over the house and in her bedroom when she wanted, and if it would be possible for her to live in an apartment for $246, which she points out that "with that kind of money, her choices would be a Big Gulp cup or she would be selling herself for Pez". He then asks if he should go after her, but Marcy reassures him that this would be a good learning experience for her:

"This is Kelly's first step towards independence. Even if she's starving and freezing to death and setting a rat on fire for heat, she's still better off. If you go rescue her, you're only going to reinforce the traditional role of female subservience to men, and that's something I find odious."

Sam then asks her to show some knee, which she gladly obliges.

After Marcy then tells Al that "Now, this is Kelly's first step towards independence." before Sam asks her to "give me some lip!" as the two begin necking on the couch, it causes an even more worried Al to rush upstairs to Peg answering her "Baby, I'm coming!"

Appearances Edit

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