Lee Arenberg as Sal

Sal, played by Lee Arenberg.

Sal is a character who appears in the Season 8 episode of Married... with Children titled "Luck of the Bundys" The part of Weasel is played by Lee Arenberg.

About Sal and the poker gameEdit

When Al and Jefferson engage in a poker game with some ex-con accquaintances of Jefferson, Sal, Weasel (Tom LaGrua) and Louie (J.J. Johnston), Al and Jefferson are winning big against the guys, the guys begin to get frustrated as Weasel says "Come on, guys. Let's hit the road." and then Sal replies: "I say we hit Bundy and then the road!"

When Jefferson proposes a one-hand wager for Al's winnings against the three guys cars, a Mercedes-Benz, a BMW and a Porsche, Sal and the guys all throw their car keys on the poker table; Weasel asks Sal, who has a lucky charm on his keychain, "Hello Kitty?". Sal replies sheepishly "Well, yeah, it looks funny, But it feels really good in my pocket!"

Al, who has a four aces wins; Al and Jefferson are rejoicing, leading Al to believe that "The Bundy Curse" which so often plaques the family when a seeming lucky streak happens to any family member, when they get arrested by the police as they discover that Sal and the guys cars are all stolen!

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