Ronald N. Michaels was the producer of the fictional TV series "Pease in a Pod" was featured in the Season 9 episode of Married... with Children titled "No Pot To Pease In". The part of Michaels is played by George Wyner.


When Kelly is auditioning for a part in a new TV series "Pease in a Pod", she unwittingly told the series producer, Ronald, who was quite an opportunistic, but unscrupulous sort, about her family. Michaels liked the idea better than his own, as he then pitched the revamped idea to FOX TV execs as they then aired the show, much to the chagrin of everyone except for Al, who seemed to like the way they developed the "Mel Pease" character.

When the Bundys visit the set, and Al, who really likes the show's concept, confronts Ronald about stealing the idea from Kelly by telling him: "Now, look here...You betrayed the trust of my little girl and I think she deserves an apology. I mean, not one of those phoney-baloney, show-biz types but I mean a really, truly heartfelt." Ronald is able to bribe him, responding "How's $500 an episode and I never see your wage-slave faces again? Done!"


Ronald Michaels might be based on any one of a number of people in the TV industry infamous for such unscrupulousness.

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Al talks to Pease in a Pod Producers

Al confronts Ronald and the rest of the production staff of "Pease in a Pod"; Ronald is able to pay him off, a royalty of $500 an episode to keep him quiet.

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