Rocki Mountains was a big-busted stripper in the The Jiggly Room in the episode "The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked". She was portrayed by porn star/feature dancer Letha Weapons.


To satisfy their complaining and curious wives, Al, Jefferson, Bob, Charlie and all the other guys with NO MA'AM  invite their wives to accompany them to The Jiggly Room on a Friday night to see what the guys really do, and why they spend so much time there; when the bar's owner, Iqbal introduces the enormously endowed Rocki, who Iqbal says "normally appears on Saturdays, but was appearing tonight due to her getting Me!", all mouths are wide open and eyes agape as she begins her act! After taking off her star-spangled brassiere, she coyly asks anyone in the audience "Who's man enough to climb The Rockies?"...Bob, who along with the other guys, was trying to keep his composure in front of the wives, gets so aroused, he blurts out "I can't take it anymore! It's party time!", as all the guys then storm onto the stage and start partying!

Appearances Edit

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