Ricki was a sexy redhead woman who frequently visited Gary's Shoes just to see Al, who she becomes infatuated with in the Season 6 episode titled So This Is How Sinatra Felt (episode #12). She was played by controversial former PTL secretary/turned Playboy centerfold, actress and TV and radio personality Jessica Hahn.

About RickiEdit

When Peg and the kids wonder why Al is all of a sudden so happy coming from work, Peg sends Kelly and Bud to the shoe store to spy on him; the pulchritudinously sexy Ricki arrives, with a gift rare to the often starving Al; some home-baked muffins! Ricki is so smitten with Al, that when she sneaks by the Bundy home, unbeknownst to Al and Peg, she is waiting for him in the bedroom; when he tries to scare her off by taking off his shoes, she's turned on even more!

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