The next-door neighbors of the Bundys throughout their time onscreen, this unit revolved around Marcy, who was first married to Steve Rhoades and later to Jefferson D'Arcy. Mention was occasionally made of Marcy and Steve's respective mothers, and Marcy's cousin Mandy once came to stay - though she was not what anyone expected. Marcy's niece Amber appears in a handful of episodes in Season Nine, then vanishes without a trace or reference.

When we first meet the Rhoades, they are materialistic, largely amoral and a little snobbish newly-weds, but Marcy at least seems to hope to help Peggy improve her life. Steve, on the other hand, quite quickly falls under Al's sway, often following Al's suggestions against his own better judgment.

Jefferson D'Arcy is a ex-con when comes into Marcy's life, and since he never manages to hold onto a job, there is only occasionally doubt about who wears the pants in the relationship.

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