Reverend Hightower appears in the Season 11 episode holiday episode of Married... with Children titled "A Bundy Thanksgiving". The part of the Reverend is played in the episode by Beau Billingslea.

Rev. Hightower and Al and Aunt Maddie's last pie

Al pleads with Rev. Hightower for him to be able to take the last pie Aunt Maddie baked!

About the ReverendEdit

When Aunt Maddie, a bakery shop owner whom Al's perents knew, and regulary bought baked goods from, particularly one of her locally famous pumpkin pies each Thanksginving, dies suddenly, having left one last pie, the Reverend, who apparently was the pastor of the church she and her husband were members of, planned to dedicate her final baked creation to "Our Heavenly Father" at her wake, as Al sought to have the church give the pie to him, as he claimed, that she would have wanted him to have it. But what winds up happening is that Al secretly takes the pie, which was placed in the coffin with her, out of it, as he then, along with Griff, puts on his best athletic moves to outmaneuver the pastor, several members of the congregation attending the wake, and finally, the church ushers, as he "throws a pass", or the box of the pie, to Griff, as they high tail it out of the church sancutary!

Appearances Edit

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