Married With Children T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp (Corey Feldman) Ralph in his boxer shorts

Ralph tricked into exposing his boxer shorts.

Ralph is Kelly's date in the episode T-R-A-Something-Something Spells Tramp. He is portrayed by the actor Corey Feldman.

Description Edit

During the date, Ralph drives Kelly to a rural area and pretends that the car is out of gas. Ralph immediately tries to make out with Kelly. However, Kelly wants a little conversation before making out with Ralph. Ralph gets annoyed by this and gives Kelly the ultimatum "put out or get out". Kelly pretends to acquiesce but punches Ralph in the face and gets out of the car.

Later on, Ralph returns to Kelly giving her another chance. Kelly and her new friends pretend to go along with Ralph. She and her friends go behind some bushes to pretend to fight over Ralph while Ralph undresses to his boxer shorts as a turn-on for the girls. When Ralph has removed his pants and goes to the girls he sees that the girls went inside his car instead. The girls insult Ralph's endowment ("and that isn't Ralph enough for one"), throw their high-heeled shoes at him, and drive away.

A few seconds after the girls are gone, Bud sees Ralph putting his pants back on. Ralph insults Kelly not knowing Bud is Kelly's brother. Bud coughs at Ralph after describing his great date with a girl infected with measles.

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