In 1993, a company called Now Comics, made a miniseries of Married... Children comic books, in which the Bundys parodied the Fantastic Four. The series lasted four issues. Related to Bring the Jubilee

Quantum Quartet membersEdit

Al Bundy/Mr.Nifty - Al parodying Mr. Fantastic, he has super stretchy powers and is the highly disrespected leader of the Quantum Quartet.

Peg Bundy/Transparent Broad - Peg parodying Invisible Woman, she is transformed by Male Nurse Doom into the villainess Scorn, but she returns to good. She also gave birth to Four point Five.

Bud Bundy/Matchstick Boy - Bud parodying Human Torch, he had high hopes his flame throwing super powers would get girls. It didn't,thus he remains a looner>

Kelly Bundy/The Thingie - Kelly parodying The Thing, Kelly hates her new rocky appearance and constantly complains about her complexion.

Seven Bundy/Four point Five Bundy - Seven parodying Franklin Richards, he is still an infant and is constantly watched by Marcy when the Quartet is fighting crime.

Other CharactersEdit

Male Nurse Doom - The main villain throughout the series, he is a parody of Dr. Doom. His real name is Chester Yablonski, and through extreme jealousy of Al marrying Peg, he has time and again attempted to kill them. Ironically his first attempt with a radioactive TV gave them their powers.

Disco King - Male Nurse Doom's former pool boy, his head turned into a disco ball and he attacked Schaumberg Mall with his bad dance moves and funky beats. He was the weakest and most annoying of the Quartet's foes.

Belchaar - A space alien who became Male Nurse Doom's drinking buddy. He battled the Bundy's with his Cosmic Burp ability. His brother is Gastritis. He is a parody of Blastaar.

Gastritis: Chomper of Worlds - A parody of Galactus, he attempted to eat the earth, and nearly defeated the Quartet if his herald The Golden Beach Bum, hadn't interfered.

Ma Schooder - Owner of a Super Hero Training Emporium. This is where the Quartet became skilled with their powers and purchased much of their crime fighting equipment.

Marcy - Marcy is Four point Five's babysitter. She also fell in love with The Golden Beach Bum.

The Golden Beach Bum/Jefferson D'Arcy - A parody of the Silver Surfer. He was once Gastritis' herald, but fell in love with Marcy and thus helped the Quartet.

Comics and SummariesEdit

Lo, There Shall Come THE BUNDYS! A radioactive wide screen TV sent by Male Nurse Doom to kill Al Bundy, instead gives the Bundys superpowers. The Bundys train at Ma Schooder's Super-Hero Training Emporium.
When Strikes The Disco King! Male Nurse Doom's former pool boy transforms into the Disco King and terrorizes Schaumberg Mall. The Quantum Quartet defeat him. Doom summons a new ally from space, Belchaar.
Et Tu, Belchaar? Peg gives birth to Four point Five Bundy. The Quantum Quartet attack Male Nurse Doom's headquarters. Doom escapes with Peg, whom reveals to be in love with. Al must out belch Belchaar.
The Shape of Thingies to Come! Male Nurse Doom has transformed Peg into the villainess Scorn, and Belchaar's big brother Gastritis wants to eat the earth. Marcy, whom is babysitting Four point Five, falls in love with Golden Beach Bum, Gastritis' herald. The Golden Beach Bum helps the Quartet save Peg and stop Gastritis.