Poxilda was the village witch of Lower Uncton in England who appears in part one of the three part episode "The England Show" in Season 6 of Married with Children. The role of Poxilda was played by veteran Scottish stage/film actress Helena Carroll.


Poxilda was the local witch of the English village in 1653; After getting insulted by Seamus McBundy, a direct ancestor of Al, who was the town blacksmith, Poxilda cursed the village, where that no sunlight would rise on the village until someone was able to break the curse, which happened to be Al!

Al's victory over Poxilda's great-great-great-great grandson Igor in a "joust" before the townspeople, broke the curse, and thwarted the plot of the locals' of Lower Uncton, and its Upper Uncton to rid the village of the curse by murdering he and Bud, the last remaining Bundy men, which was the only other way to lift the curse, which was the ulterior motive of the townspeople's invite to their village!

Appearances Edit

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