Perry Anzilotti (born December 11, 1959) appears as Vito Capone, a local mobster and loan shark to whom Bud, in attempting to shoot an exercise video, becomes indebted in the episodes of MWC: titled "The Hood, the Bud, and the Kelly: Part 1" and "The Hood, the Bud, and the Kelly: Part 2"


Perry, who was born is raised in Chicago, IL, attended the University of Illinois at Chicago, and is also a graduate of the California Institute of the Arts Websites.

Perry played caveman Chang in the ABC-TV series Dinosaurs episode "The Mating Dance."

Anzilotti is best known for his commercial work as "the Cookie Man" in the Snackwell's Cookies spots. Other television appearances include guest parts on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, ABC=TV's Step by Step, CBS-TV's NCIS, NBC-TV's long-running medical/drama series ER, and Empty Nest Caroline in the City, Mad About You and Seinfeld.

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