No Particular Place to Go is a 1964 song by American rock and roll musician Chuck Berry. It is heard on MWC in the season 7 episode, Old Insurance Dodge, playing twice in the episode. It plays the first time whenever the Bundy family is driving around town while test driving a Lincoln Town Car and later when Al and Peggy ride inside of the Dodge while Kelly and Bud are pushing it through town. Given the Dodge's frequent inclination to break down, some irony may well be intended.

Lyrics Edit

Ridin' along in my automobile
My baby beside me at the wheel
I stole a kiss at the turn of a mile
My curiosity runnin' wild

Cruisin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go.

Ridin' along in my automobile
I'm anxious to tell her the way I feel,
So I told her softly and sincere,
And she leaned and whispered in my ear
Cuddlin' more and drivin' slow,
With no particular place to go.

No particular place to go,
So we parked way out on the Kokomo
The night was young and the moon was bold
So we both decided to take a stroll
Can you imagine the way I felt?
I couldn't unfasten her safety belt!

Ridin' along in my calaboose
Still tryin' to get her belt unloose
All the way home I held a grudge,
But the safety belt, it wouldn't budge

Cruisin' and playin' the radio
With no particular place to go.

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