Mr. Shimokawa, Marcy's boss, and the owner and president of Kyoto National Bank appears in the Season 10 episode of Married... with Children titled "Turning Japanese". The part of Mr. Shimokawa is played in the episode by Pat Morita.

About ShimokawaEdit

When Marcy tries to impress Mr. Shimokawa by offering a dinner at the Bundys (whom she bribed to stay out of the neighborhood by giving them money for an all-you-can eat clam buffet at the Hobo Motor Lodge) by serving him sushi, Shimokawa gets bored as he thinks, "How original! Serving sushi to a Japanese man in America. It's like Gilligan getting off the island and being offered a coconut!" as he is not to enthralled with Jefferson's vain attempt to impress by singing the Pointer Sisters hit song "I'm So Excited" on a karaoke machine!

When the Bundy's car is heard entering the driveway, Shimokawa, already bored out of his mind with the D'Arcys, and starving thinks again to himself "Please let it be Domino's. I'd kill for a pizza!"

Al's 1971 Dodge - a car missing from Shimokawa's "American Junk" collection (he already has a Gremlin, a Pacer, and an old school bus) is like a work of art to Shimokawa, as he just has to have it -- as he eventually agrees to buy it for $50,000 -- as he arrives at The Jiggly Room, as he seems to have the same tastes as Al, Jefferson, and their buddies, wanting to see, as he says, "some Jiggly"!

When Marcy agrees to go up on stage, in a seductive nightie, a condition which was part of the deal with Al agreeing to sell the Dodge, and starts to dance for her boss, Shimokawa is willing to give the vice-president job to her, though not for her negotiation skills, but for, as he gleefully says, "the way she shakes it!", which offends Marcy, as she punches him out into the rows, causing a fight. Shimokawa is arrested for inciting a riot!

Appearances Edit

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