Wikia MWC - Mr. Foodie starting the challenge

Mr. Foodie starting the "millionth customer" challenge

Mr. Foodie was the manager of the Foodie's Supermarket where the Bundys and the D'Arcys battled it out to see who was the true "millionth customer" and winner of a free shopping spree. He was the competition judge, and, among other things, insisted on replacing the excellent cart Jefferson had stolen from a bag lady with "a regulation Foodie's cart", which had to wobble. He had no problem with the Cart of Death, though, because Al had painted "We (heart) Foodie's" on the side. Mr. Foodie also joined Marcy in singing the company jingle.

Played by veteran character actor Alan Oppenheimer, Mr. Foodie appears in "You Better Shop Around, Part II".

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