Mr. Blithers was a character who appeared in the Season 9 episode of Married... with Children titled "Driving Mr. Boondy". The part of Mr. Blithers is played in the episode by Oliver Muirhead.

About Mr. BlithersEdit

When Al is required to take a driving test when his driver's license expires, he has to deal with the British-speaking Mr. Blithers, the written test examiner at the nearby DMV, who kept mispronouncing his name as "Boondy" instead of "Bundy"; when he asks Al which language of the test will he be taking, Al responds "I'm taking the same language that everyone else in here is taking!", the running gag being that there were a lot of Hispanics at the DMV, Blithers hands him a test form in Spanish, responding "Oh, Spanish!" When Al clarifies that he speaks English, "I don't speak Spanish, you idiot! I speak American.", Blithers then responds, "American? American. American ... Here's one." Blithers then hands him an old dusty test form and says "Here's one!...I hope you know a lot about towing trailers!" 

When Al promptly fails the test for the third time, Mr. Blithers responds "Congratulations, Mr. Boondy, You failed!" He then tells Al, "All is not lost, Mr. Boondy...there  still maybe a driving test with your name on it, if you pass the driving test!"

When Al responds, "A driving test, eh? I'll have you know, I've been driving the mean streets of Chicago for 30 years, in the same mean car with the same mean wife! So go ahead, give me your best shot. Show me the moron who dare not pass me.", Bud, who he refused to lend some money to go to the Oktoberfest in Milwaukee, and who was working at the DMV as a drivers test examiner, is the one chosen to test Al!

Mr. Blithers is presumably named for the primarily British English verb, meaning to talk endless nonsense. It is most often encountered in the phrase 'blithering idiot'.

Appearances Edit

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