Miss Penza is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "And Baby Makes Money". The part of Miss Penza is played in the episode by Beth Broderick.


In the episode, Miss Penza, is the attorney who informs all the surviving Bundy relatives that they stand to inherit $500,000 if they are married and have a son named Stymie Jr. Uncle Stymie, the recently deceased relative in question, was a Bundy male who never married. When Al and Peg start having sex like rabbits in order for Peg to get pregnant, Al's unaware that Peg, who didn't want another baby and not wanting to have to go through labor pains again, has been using birth control pills to avoid getting pregnant!

When the avaricious Miss Penza drops by the Bundy house to inform all that another relative has beaten Al and Peg to inheritance (Eugene Bundy, a cousin of Al's who's an investment banker who's incarcerated) she, who also greedily coveted the cash inheritance, reveals she had just married Eugene, and gave birth to a son, Stymie, Jr!

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Uncle Eugene and Miss Penza

Miss Penza and her new "husband" Eugene Bundy, Al's cousin, and their child, Stymie, Jr.