Miss Hardaway Bud MWC

Miss Hardaway (Beverly Archer) and Bud (David Faustino) in scene from MWC.

Miss Hardaway (Beverly Archer) is a counselor at Bud's college who has a rather creepy infatuation with him. She first appears as the founder of a virgin/celibacy support hotline, Virgin Hotline (1-800-ZIPP-UP), as she hires Bud, who was assigned to get involved with the hotline, to earn extra college credit, as a counselor.

In a later episode, she is the school librarian, who spies on Bud and catches him masturbating in a private study room. She brings charges against him with the university faculty which would see him expelled if found guilty, but Marcy, as his defense counsel, is able to prove entrapment on the part of the licentious librarian. Miss Hardaway appears in two MWC: episodes, "Dial "B" for Virgin" in Season 9 and "Bud Hits the Books" in Season 10.

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