Miss Beck is a character who appears in the Season 5 episode of Married... with Children titled "Kelly Bounces Back". The part of Miss Beck is played in the episode by Tina Louise.


Miss Beck is the casting director for a commercial for a fancy sports car, the Alante, which Kelly is auditioning for. As Kelly and the other girls auditioning wait near the car display, Miss Beck comes in with her assistants and begins the auditions. After a couple of immediate rejects, Piper Bauman wins the audition. It turns out that Piper is modeling school classmate and nemesis of Kelly's. It's also revealed that Piper won the audition by stealing Kelly's idea of The Bundy Bounce, which Bud told her after she flirted with him to reveal what Kelly's move was.  

Later on in the episode a fight occurs between Kelly and Piper. Kelly beats the crap out of Piper and ties her up and puts her in the truck of the Alante car. After Kelly performs her stunt as the spokes person for the Alante Miss Beck approaches Kelly to congratulate her. As she leaves she remarks out loud what happened to Piper.  

Appearances Edit

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