Mimi Stoatz is the wife of Chuck Stoatz and mother of twin sons Roscoe and Frank and their sister Didi. Mimi is known for being Peggy Bundy's high school rival, as they would always place bets and the loser (which usually ended up being Peg) had to do something humiliating that the winner picked in public. Just like Peggy, Mimi does not work but contrary to her she has a maid who does her housework.


Mimi gets to taunt old high school nemisis Peg, who has to wear bowling pin suit

Bowl-off Edit

When Mimi and Peggy meet again at a bowling alley they decide to place another bet on who can bowl better. They agree to a family bowl-off on Saturday where the loser has to pose as a human trophy for pictures. Unfortunately Peggy loses again by just about 1-3 pins.

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