Melissa Ivy Behr[1] (born in 1964) appears as Heidi, a beautiful, buxom, but dim-witted and ditzy girl who was applying for a shoe salesman opening for which Al Bundy was responsible for interviewing in the Married with Children episode titled "Scared Single" in season 8. 

Art and Photography careerEdit

Also an accomplished artist/photographer, in addition to her careers in modeling, her works can be viewed on her official website, although her acting career appears to be missing from the resume.[2] and director of the 1999 short film Me' &' 'Will.[3]

Acting rolesEdit

One of her most notable roles is that of Nurse Ginger in the 1992 B-movie Bad Channels, which was produced by Full Moon Features. She returned to this role in Dollman vs. Demonic Toys, in which she teamed up with characters from other movies. Melissa has appeared in many independent movies. Her television credits have included guest appearances on MWC and Red Shoe Diaries.


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