Mary Ellen Litchfield, an old childhood friend of Al's, appears in the Season 8 opening episode of Married... with Children titled "Hood 'n The Boyz". The part of Mary Ellen is played by actress Debra Engle, who is perhaps best known to TV sitcom viewers as Rebecca Devereaux, Blanche Devereaux's daughter, in the long-running NBC-TV sitcom series The Golden Girls.

About Mary EllenEdit

Mary Ellen, an old childhood friend of Al's, owns the inner city convenience store, which her father once owned and ran, in the old neighborhood where Al and she grew up in.

When Mary Ellen begins having problems with a band of young neighborhood thugs, led by a young tough named Ray-Ray (played by Matthew Borlenghi), who constantly visits the store and take things which he doesn't want to pay for, she enlists Al, who was with Peg at a nearby motel, to help, but to no avail as Ray-Ray and his cohorts constantly beat up Al every time he tries to defend her honor. Anyhow, when, after seeing that Al, who was trying to impress Mary Ellen in his "courageous stand" against their presence, Ray-Ray and the thugs back down and leave her alone, Al, who once had the hots for her in high school, then asks Mary Ellen, "If I were single, say I wasn't married, If I did what I did for you, would I get to nail you?", she nonchanlantly, but still curtly, replies "No!". Al responds with "Well, then it was all worth it!"