Mary (pronounced Ma-ray, spelled M-A-R-Y, not M-A-R-Y) was a couch maker who designed various types of couches, including Peg's couch, which he considered a part of 'the drunken hillbilly collection' which was further a part of 'the white trash collection'. Some time after he made the two couches (and due to their unpopularity), Mary went insane, spackling in his own navel, building a shrine to Larry of the Three Stooges and moving deep into the woods. By the time Kelly Bundy visited him, Mary no longer considered himself a couch maker; instead he visualized world peace and occasionally re-enacted The Unsinkable Molly Brown. In 1979, Mary had called an escort service but his intended date never showed up, at least as of Kelly Bundy's visit. (MWC: "Sofa So Good")

Mar-y was played by Larry Hankin.