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There were two full spin-off shows which were derived from the FOX sitcom Married with Children, though neither was successful.

MWC SpinoffsEdit

  • Top of the Heap, starring Matt LeBlanc and Joseph Bologna, as Vinny and Charlie Verducci, a father and son constantly attempting get-rich quick schemes. Married... with Children characters appeared constantly on the show.
  • Vinnie & Bobby was an attempted revival of and continuation of the failed Top of the Heap series; premiering a year after the failed parent series in late spring of 1992, but that, as its parent series, lasted only seven episodes.

Proposed series that never made itEdit

  • Enemies, was a warped version of the NBC-TV series Friends, featuring Alan Thicke, based around Kelly Bundy's social circle. Needless to say, it did not impress the FOX network executives into shooting a pilot for it.

In addition to those three spin-off ideas, another proposed spin-off about Kelly Bundy was planned but never made for two reasons: Christina Applegate turned it down, and Fox's contract stated that the two Bundy children couldn't get spin-offs. Also, series co-creator Michael G. Moye proposed a NO MA'AM spin-off, but got turned down mainly due to Fox's fears of alienating much of the female demographic.

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