Josh Carroll as Marcy's boyfriend Mark

Josh Carroll as "Mark".

Mark. a Leisure-Suit-Larry-clad character, appears in the Season 4 episode of Married... with Children titled "Yard Sale". The part of Alice is played by Josh Carroll.

About AliceEdit

When the Bundys hold a yard sale of all of their unwanted things, Marcy, who's still on the rebound from the departed Steve Rhoades, arrives with her latest in the long line of "loser" boyfriends, Mark, clad in a tacky disco shirt and gold chains. When she presents him to Al, who's critical of all of her dates, she says, "Hey, PT Barnham. So, you didn't think I could get a guy, huh? Well, I did, and he can't wait to get his hands on me. But I wanted to stop by first, and show what a real man looks like. Check him out. "

When Marcy claims that the best thing about Mark is that "He's a one-woman man", Al responds "And that must be her now!", as he is seen wandering off with Dumb Alice, a ditzy, buxom blonde who was one of the few customers at the yard sale.