Mai Lin is a one-time waitress at The Jiggly Room who appears in the episode of Married... with Children titled "The Naked and the Dead, But Mostly the Naked" in Season 9. The part of Mai Lin is played by Fuminori Shishido.


When Al, Jefferson and the guys allow their wives to accompany them to The Jiggly Room to prove that they are not there to ogle at the feature dancers, A now shy Jefferson, who doesn't want to be recognized with wife Marcy, dons a pair of sunglasses, trenchcoat and fake beard, saying "I'm a pillar of the community, Marcie. I shouldn't be seen in places like this." It doesn't help, as Mai Lin immediately recognizes him, greeting him simply by "Hi, Jefferson!"

When Mai Lin asks the D'Arcys as to what they would have to order, and Jefferson asks for some of "the freshest air-popped popcorn" and Marcy asks for some "unflavoured mineral water with a lemon wedge", she simply takes their order to be "two beers!"

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The D'Arcys and waitress Mai Lin

A disguised Jefferson, with Marcy, is easily recognized by Mai Lin, a waitress at "The Jiggly Room".

The D'Arcys and Mai Lin

Mai Lin takes the D'Arcys' order, simply making it "two beers!".

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