JJ Johnston as Louie

J.J. Johnston as "Louie"

Louie is a character who appears in the Season 8 episode of Married... with Children titled ""Luck of the Bundys". The part of Louie is played by J.J. Johnston, who appears as a TV show set security guard for the series "Pease in a Pod" in the Season 9 episode titled "No Pot to Pease In".

About LouieEdit

When Al and Jefferson engage in a poker game with some ex-con acquaintances of Jefferson, Louie, Weasel (Tom LaGrua) and Sal (Lee Arenberg), Al and Jefferson are winning big against the guys, the guys begin to get frustrated as Louie says "Can you believe this guy's luck? He ain't lost a hand all night! I say we shoot him!" and then Sal replies: "Shooting these days is so childish. I am up for a good beating though!"

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