Liz Vassey as Lorraine

Liz Vassey as Lorraine

Lorraine, one of Kelly's two friends, appears in the episode of Married... with Children titled "T-R-A-Something-Somthing Spells Tramp". The role of D.J. is played in the episode by Liz Vassey.

About LorraineEdit

When Kelly is out on a date with Ralph (Corey Feldman), that the girls know, she runs into her friends D.J. (Lisa Rieffel) and Lorraine, as the two, who seem just about as dim-witted as Kelly, were at a deer crossing sign at the park where they were at, after being stranded by their dates for not "putting out", what Kelly referred to as P-O-O-G-O or "put out or get out!" when Kelly as them "What are you guys doing?" Lorraine replies "We have been by this deer crossing forever, but one hasn't come yet!"

Anyhow, the three wind up making their way back home by tricking Ralph, in thinking he was going to "get lucky". with them by luring him into some nearby bushes and taking his car, as he refers to them as "tramps", too!

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