Lisa Marie Scott (Born February 1, 1974) is a retired model, actress and former Playboy Playmate. She was the Playmate of the Month February 1995.

Early Life Edit

Born in Peniscola Florida to a U.S. Navy physician and a Japanese mother from the island of Okinawa, her family moved to various locations such as Guam, Japan, Hawaii, Virginia and California.

In Guam, she started learning ballet as a toddler and continued in ballet-training programs with The Boston Ballet, The Joffery Ballet, The San Francisco Ballet and The Chicago Ballet. She was a professional ballerina before appearing in Playboy in 1995.

During her time as a Playmate, she also acted in various shows such as Baywatch Nights and Married...with Children and videos for Playboy such as Asian Exotica and Babes of Baywatch

After her appearance in Playboy, she decided to go back to college, earning a Bachelor's degree in History from UCLA in 2000. She later applied to UC Berkley School of Law to become a lawyer, but dropped out after one semester, due to the workload and pursued modeling again.

She eventually built her own website,, though, as of 2008, it appears that she has retired from modeling altogether.

According to IMDb, she has not appeared onscreen since 1998.

Appearance on MWC Edit

She appeared in the season 10 episode, Reverend Al, as Halla, one of the two "Alter Vixens" (the other being Luyah) at the Church of NO MA'AM. She provides Reverend Al with some refreshments.


Halla (left) posing with Reverend Al and Luyah