Kellyisms are the malapropisms that are spoken by Kelly Bundy when attempting to use popular sayings, such as mottos, mantras or proverbs. However, because of her poor education and comprehension, these often are misquoted, either by a single word or entirely. It should be noted that sometimes, even when using a malapropism, Kelly still manages to get the point across, if not easily, while other times, it's just awkward and silly.


What Kelly Said What Kelly Means Source
Adidas Adios 5x10,10x12
Brazil Mentioned as a US State
Buttshell Nutshell
Chinese Waiter Torture Chinese Water Torture
Coyote Kyoto
Da-ta Ta-da
East Dakakota North/South Dakota
Electrical Electoral
Felines Females
fox paws faux pas MWC: 6x23
Francis Ford Coppertop Francis Ford Coppola
Grey Mattress Grey Matter
G-Spot Ten Spot 3x21
Hunchback Hunch
Illegitimate Illiterate
Illiteral Illiterate
Indonesia Amnesia
Inseminations Insinuations 5x10
Intersections Interjections
Jolly Goodfellas Goodfellas
Long Island Los Angeles
Mistress Master 5x10
A veritable coronarycopia of your favorites. cornucopia 9x12


What Kelly Said What Kelly Means Source

Buenos Nachos

Buenas Noches
I wear my heart on my sleaze I wear my heart on my sleeve
Down Yours Up Yours
The Mind Wobbles The Mind Boggles
The Prostitution Rests The Prosecution Rests
I'm on the horns of an enema I'm on the horns of a dilemma


What Kelly Said What Kelly Means Source
As Shakespeare said, the plate's the thing The play's the thing, wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king MWC: 7x08
E before O except before E-I-E-I-O I before E except after C/Old McDonald Had a Farm
Feed a Cold, Starve for Pizza/Starve a Pizza, Eat Cold Feet Feed a Cold, Starve a Fever MWC: 5x02
He Who Laughs Last, Laughs West He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best MWC 6x20
Make New Thoughts, but Keep the Old, One is Silver, and the Other is Old Make New Friends, but Keep the Old Ones, One is Silver and the Other is Gold MWC 6x20
To Be Forewarned, Is To Have Four Arms Forewarned Is Forearmed MWC 5x08

Non-Kelly KellyismsEdit

What Was Said What Was Meant Source
You have nothing to fear, but fear strikes out We have nothing to fear but fear itself MWC: 5x17 (Franklin D. Roosevelt)

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