Kathleen Morgan was a character who appeared in the episodes of Married... with Children; first, in the backdoor pilot episode titled "Top of the Heap"  for the MWC spinoff series Top of the Heap. The part of Kathleen is played in the episode by Diana Bellamy.


In the episode "Top Of The Heap",  whenn Charlie son Vinnie Verducci attempt to crash a swanky downtown Chicago party which Kathleen, a wealthy socialite and others are hosting, Kathleen, who refers to Charlie upon meeting each other as "Charles", tries to find his name on the guest list, but cannot find it;  When Charlie then takes her and tongue kisses her, she, who was already charmed and aroused by the rather boorish but charming Charlie, allows him to stay for when the party actually began saying "The party is at 8:30!"

Appearances Edit

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