Kara, a girlfriend of Bud, appears in the Season 6 episode of Married... with Children titled "The Mystery of Skull Island". . The part of Kara is played by Bobbie Phillips, who, earlier in the season, appears as Jill in the episode "If Al Had a Hammer".

About Kara Edit

When Bud, in trying to reinvent himself in an attempt to attract chicks, creates the alter ego/bad boy rapper Grandmaster B in the episode "If Al Had a Hammer". He then tries to impress Kara by offering to go on a parachute jump with her. When the two are up in the plane readying to make that fateful jump, he begins to get cold feet before she is able to arouse him enough to go through with it! However, before he can get a "last kiss" from Biff, the parachute instructor, pushes him out of the plane, as the apparently "easy" Kara then gets the hots for Biff, telling him "The second I saw you I knew we were going to have sex!"

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