Jill, a girlfriend of Bud, appears in the Season 6 episode of Married... with Children titled "If Al Had a Hammer". The part of Jill is played by Bobbie Phillips, who later in the season, appears as Kara in the episode "The Mystery of Skull Island".


When Bud, in trying to reinvent himself in an attempt to attract chicks, creates the alter ego/bad boy rapper Grandmaster B in the episode "If Al Had a Hammer", he swoowns the lovely Jill, who gets aroused after she asks him to perform his "rap" when he then recites the verses: He came from the streets where everyone's meet
Guns in the night but you wonder where she
Can't love no one 'cause he's one the run.
Sleeps in the alleys, wakes by the sun.
Listen to the sirens, thinkin' they're for me
It's a lonely life for Grandmaster B,
Yes, A lonely life for Grandmaster B.

Later in the episode, when in the basement with Bud, Jill has a hard time remembering his new nickname, calling him Dustbuster B, and Grandflasher, as a hammer which Al had put on a plaque, strikes Bud in the head as Jill is about to kiss him!

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