Cast photo from season 1

Jesse was a short lived sitcom on NBC's "Must See TV" that starred Christina Applegate (who also co-produced the series) shortly after MWC had ended. It ran for two seasons from 1998 to 2000.

On the show, she played Jesse Warner. a single mom raising her 9-year old son while working as a waitress at her father's German-themed bar. She lives with her two brothers and tries to start a new relationship with her neighbor, Diego, while also dealing with her ex-husband trying to get back into the picture.

While the show did very well in its first season, even earning Christina Applegate a TV Guide award and People's Choice award, its ratings suffered due to major story and cast changes in the second season. Even with the popular show, Friends, being its lead in, the ratings continued to plummet and it was eventually cancelled in 2000.

During the shooting of the third episode, Ed O'Neill made a surprise appearance, much to her shock. As part of her script in the episode, she rings the doorbell. But to her surprise, he answered the door and said, "Where have you been, young lady?" Applegate responded with a shocked look, before crying and giving him a big hug.

David Faustino appeared in an episode in the first season as Dwyane, a car dealer and Amanda Bearse directed a few episodes of the show. Also, Chip Esten, who played Lonnie Tot in the series finale of MWC, appeared on the show in the first season.

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