Wikia MWC - It's Your Move promo

It's Your Move, written and created by Ron Leavitt and Michael G. Moye and broadcast on NBC in 1984-5, was in some ways a precursor to MWC. It starred Jason Bateman as the cocky teenage hero (Matthew), and David Garrison as Norman Lamb, his mother's beau and constant foil. It was produced by Embassy Communications, also like MWC, and in its earlier episodes displayed the spin on sitcom tradition that also marked the Bundys' adventures. Matthew was unheroic much of the time, and constantly looking for short cuts, although he was far more successful in his schemes in general than Al or even Bud would ever be.

Ernie Sabella, who was a guest star in MWC Season One, was a recurring character (the building super) on the show.

Garrett Morris, who was Al's friend Russ in seasons one and three of MWC, played Principal Dwight Ellis on the show.